With the Goodspeed app we offer you the most convenient global data solution on the market!

The Goodspeed app is based on the latest digital eSIM technology making it possible to connect globally with your device, while being in full control of your own expenses and diminishing the need of physical SIM cards.

The Goodspeed app will provide you:

- Data plans that connect you in all of the 80+ supported countries and destinations

- Data plans that are affordable, pay-as-you-go and without any subscription fees

- The latest digital eSIM technology

- Easy repurchases when in need of more data

- A solution to share all your travel experiences directly

- A possibility to stay in contact with your family or work

- Reliable service to help you when needed

The Goodspeed app offers 1GB and 5GB data plans that are valid for 30 days. The data plans can be purchased before you leave and can be activated once you are in need of using your data plan while travelling. Our data plans are based on a pay-as-you-go model to make sure you have full control of your expenses. If your data plan runs out, you can easily purchase a new data plan in the app and re-connect to the Internet within supported countries.

We designed our app to make your life easy and for you to enjoy your journey. Easy to use, clear data plans, no physical SIM cards needed and works across borders. An all-in-one global roaming solution with full control on data usage and own spending.

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