While using the Goodspeed service, we recommend not to delete your Goodspeed data plan in your phone's settings if you still have a valid data plan.

If you have accidentally deleted your Goodspeed data plan in your phone's settings while your data plan was still valid and has data left, you can reinstall your data plan in the Goodspeed app. You will receive the data that was still leftover in your data plan. Your data plan always stays valid for 30 days after purchase and the days will keep counting down, also after deleting your Goodspeed data plan. You can see the days you still have left in your data plan within the home screen of the app.

When you reinstall your Goodspeed data plan, you get the possibility again to set up its behaviour the way you wish. The options to set up the behaviour is similar to when you activate your first data plan. Not sure anymore which options to select? Follow our activation guide to help you out during the process.

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