1. Tracking data usage

For iPhone users, you can keep track of your data usage by going to your Settings and by selecting Mobile Data. If you are using an iPad, you might see Settings —> Cellular Data instead.

You can keep track of your data usage by monitoring the data amount listed under “Current Period”. The data usage listed includes possible previously used mobile data. If you wish to monitor your mobile data usage starting from 0 MB, it is possible to reset your data usage statistics at the bottom of the “Mobile Data page”. Do keep in mind that in this case, all possible stated data statistics will receive a reset and start from 0 MB again.

Data usage listed under “Current Period” will keep track of all roaming data within the current period. If you will switch between data plans while using Goodspeed, the data usage will be accumulated and not just reflect your Goodspeed data plan usage anymore.

Possible data usage listed underneath the Goodspeed app icon will not reflect the usage of your Goodspeed data plan but solely the data usage used for operating the app.

2. Pausing data plan

You can pause your Goodspeed data plan to prevent possible unnecessary roaming. As an iPhone user, you can pause and reactivate your data plan if you wish via: Settings —> Mobile Data —> Data Plans after activating your first data plan. If you are using an iPad, you might see Settings —> Cellular Data instead. Your digital eSIM profile can be paused and reactivated in the "Data Plans'' menu. By toggling off “Turn On This Line” you can pause your Goodspeed data plan. By toggling off “Mobile Data'' you can pause all possible mobile data roaming. Toggling off one or both options will only pause your Goodspeed data plan usage and not the day count of your activated data plan.

Toggling off the use of mobile data of the Goodspeed app listed in your app overview in Settings —> Mobile Data or Cellular data does not pause your Goodspeed data plan.

To avoid any unnecessary data usage we recommend you to turn data usage for the Goodspeed app off when you don't need to be connected to the Internet. Depending on your needs, it could also be beneficial to have a look at other apps that could use data. You can get the most out of your data plan by turning data roaming off for apps you might not need.

3. Switching between data plans

You can always manually switch between the usage your mobile data plans via: Settings -> Cellular or Mobile Data.

You can also allow your phone to automatically switch between your data plans. If your selected data plan cannot identify any coverage, it will automatically switch to your second data plan to enhance your user experience. It also will automatically switch to use data from your home provider when calling when data switching is enabled.

We recommend not to enable data switching to prevent any possible unexpected roaming costs from your home provider. With data switching enabled at home, it can also occur that you use your Goodspeed data plan when you don’t want to.

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