After purchasing your data plan, you can activate it from the home screen in the Goodspeed app. To activate your first data plan, you need to be connected to the Internet to download the digital eSIM profile. Therefore, we recommend activating your first data plan on the day of departure at home.

While activating your first data plan, you can be guided through the mentioned steps below. Some steps could also not occur depending on your device’s current setup. However, we want to make sure to provide you with information for all possible steps.

  1. Select: “Start using your data plan” in your home view.

2. To confirm the activation, select “Slide to Activate”.

3. In order to install the first data plan on your phone, you will be requested to accept the data plan. Select “Add Data Plan” to move forward in the activation process.

4. Labelling your data plans can make it easier for you to identify them in your phone’s settings. For example, you can label your home operator’s phone plan under primary as your “Home Phone Plan” and the secondary label as your “Goodspeed Plan” or “Travel Plan”. It’s always possible to still change your labels under settings -> Cellular or Mobile data.

5. If requested to do a network provider update, it is requested to select “Update”. By doing so, your mobile network connection and performance can be improved and certain features such Wi-Fi calling can be supported. In case you select “Not Now” during the activation process, you can still do the update later under: Settings -> General -> About. In order to do so, you do need to be connected to the Internet.

6.Your selected default line will be automatically used to call or send normal messages to someone who isn’t listed in your contacts. As Goodspeed only offers mobile data, we recommend selecting your home operator’s phone plan. However, do keep in mind that calling or sending text messages with your home provider while traveling can cause unexpected costs. Press “Continue”.

7. iMessage & FaceTime both use mobile data. You can select to use both apps with your home operator or your Goodspeed data plan. You can always still change your preference under: Settings -> Cellular or Mobile data.

Tip: You might want to consider selecting your home operator if you are not traveling and switching to Goodspeed while being on the road. Try to avoid unexpected roaming costs and unnecessary use of your Goodspeed data plan.

8. You can select to directly start using your Goodspeed data plan for mobile data usage or keep using your home operator by selecting one of the two options. Just as in the previous steps, you can always still adjust this and switch between data plans via: Settings -> Cellular or Mobile Data. Press “Continue”.

During this step, You can also allow your phone to automatically switch between your data plans. If your selected data plan cannot identify any coverage, it will automatically switch to your second data plan to enhance your user experience. It also will automatically switch to use data from your home provider when calling when data switching is enabled.

Tip: We recommend not to enable data switching to prevent any possible unexpected roaming costs from your home provider. With data switching enabled at home, it can also occur that you use your Goodspeed data plan when you don’t want to.

9. Selecting your preferred line will help your phone to automatically select the line you used previously to call people or store under the same line when calling someone for the first time. As Goodspeed is only a data plan, we recommend selecting your home provider at this step.

It’s always possible to adjust your contacts' preferred line from your settings under Cellular or Mobile data.

10. You are all set and your Goodspeed data plan is activated!

These steps are only needed for activating your first data plan if you don't delete your eSIM profile. For repurchases, you simply purchase a new data plan in the app and slide “Slide to Activate”.

As an iPhone user, you can pause and reactivate your data plan if you wish via: Settings —> Mobile Data —> Data Plans after activating your first data plan. If you are using an iPad, you might see Settings —> Cellular Data instead. Your digital eSIM profile can be paused and reactivated in the "Data Plans" menu. By toggling off “Turn On This Line” you can pause your Goodspeed data plan. By toggling off “Mobile Data” you can pause all possible mobile data roaming. Toggling off one or both options will only pause your Goodspeed data plan usage and not the day count of your activated data plan.

If you need an extra hand with activating your data plan or setting it up they way you wish, our customer service team is more than happy to help you. They can be reached via:

Tel: +44 (0)2036084754 (UK), +551131970839 (Brazil) or +864006317893 (China)


Facebook chat:

Our customer service team can be reached between 8:00-16:00 (UK GMT+1) from Monday to Friday. If you contact us outside office hours, we will come back to you as soon as possible.

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