Goodspeed service is based on a day pass model, meaning that a day pass is the measure of mobile data you’ll be coming across and using through the Goodspeed Mobile Hotspot and the Goodspeed GO app

A day pass is a unit of mobile data. It's a data pack that has a validity, price and a specific amount of megabytes.

We use a day pass model in all different handsets and service plans.


An activated day pass is valid until midnight on the day of purchase. Hence the name 'day pass'. Any remaining balance of an activated day pass will not carry over to the next day.


Day pass pricing varies depending on service level and handset. 

Goodspeed Hotspot has its own day pass pricing for Traveller and Business users.

Goodspeed service for smartphones, used through the Goodspeed GO app, has its own day pass.

How many megabytes does one day pass contain?

The amount of megabytes varies depending on service level and handset. 

Information for Goodspeed Hotspot can be found here.

Information for Goodspeed service for smartphones can be found here.

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