These features are available only when Goodspeed service is being used on smartphone through the Goodspeed GO app.    

City Hotspot mode

The City Hotspot mode is a complimentary feature available to all Goodspeed GO users. You can get access to premium Wi-Fi hotspots in cities around the world by enabling City Hotspot mode in the app settings menu.

When you have a valid day pass and you enter a City Hotspot’s reach, your day pass  will be paused and your connection automatically switches over to the City Hotspot. You will have free and unlimited data until you exit the zone. Then your day pass billing will continue normally until you enter a City Hotspot zone again. 

There  are no hidden charges, but you do need a valid day pass to access a City Hotspot. It’s good to remember that when connected to a City Hotspot you are connected to a premium Wi-Fi. Even though the connection is not publicly accessible, we recommend you to enhance your privacy according to the level of security required by your usage.  

Please note that you need to have your smartphone's GPS/Location and Wi-Fi turned on to enjoy this additional feature.

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