This article will guide you through the basics of using the Goodspeed service and is valid for both Traveller and Business service plans. Handset-specific variations are always clearly pointed out.     

Day passes and daily use

Goodspeed service is based on a day pass model, meaning that a day pass is the measure of mobile data you’ll be coming across and using. We use the same model in all different handsets and service plans, but day passes can be different in size depending on the handset.    

In daily use, to activate a day pass with Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspot, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to power up your Goodspeed device. 

Wait until “CONNECTED” appears on your Goodspeed device’s display. This typically takes a minute. In a new country it may take a bit longer. 

Connect your Wi-Fi enabled device to Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspot’s Wi-Fi network using the network name and password visible on your device display.

In Goodspeed GO, you can activate a day pass on the home screen, which is the app’s main screen. The connection can be tethered to laptop or another devices by enabling the smartphone’s hotspot sharing mode after you have started a Goodspeed connection with a day pass.     

Day  pass validity

An activated day pass is always valid until midnight local time on the day of purchase. Any remaining balance of an activated day pass will not carry over to the next day.      

Day pass charges

Day passes are charged based on your actual usage. The charge is made only after a day pass is successfully activated.

In Goodspeed GO you can also buy day passes in bundles of 2, 5 or 10. In that case, the day passes are charged all at once and you confirm their usage one by one.      

To check the payments made on your Goodspeed account, please sign in to your account and go the Account statement page, where you can view and print the summary of your account activity. Monthly receipts can be downloaded from the Billing page.    

Please  note that service taxes are applicable to electronic services based on regional regulations. This means that whether you’re charged such taxes on your purchases depends on the address stored on your Goodspeed account.     

Using  multiple day passes in one day

Using multiple day passes per day is possible on all handsets and service plans. 

With Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspot, you can control the amount of day passes available to you with the refill-setting on your Goodspeed account. By default, the setting is disabled, limiting the number of day passes available to one per day. When enabled, the refill-setting lets your Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspot to buy new day passes after you have used up the previous one.     

If you are a Business user and have several Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspots under your account, the refill will be enabled for all of them.     

In Goodspeed GO, you can activate day passes directly from the main screen. If your first day pass is running low, the app will notify you and suggest activating a new one. Your confirmation will be needed to continue. If you prefer less notifications and interruptions, you can turn on Autopilot for automatic day pass use. Autopilot allows application to automatically confirm the use of a new day pass. Find Autopilot on/off switch in application settings. 

Software updates

Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspots will update their software automatically. Do not power down your device while the automatic update sign is visible on the display. The device will reboot automatically to install the update.      

Goodspeed GO updates will be made available in the Google Play Store and are free to download for all users.     

Advanced settings for the Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspot  

You can access your advanced settings while connected to the Goodspeed Wi-Fi network. Just open your browser and enter in your browser navigation bar. In the settings you can for example:     

  • Change your network name (SSID) and password    

  • Change your security settings     

  • Adjust Wi-Fi range     

  • Adjust Wi-Fi sleep mode settings    

More information about the general and advanced settings can be found in the user guide. Download the Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspot user guide in pdf format here.   

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