To use Goodspeed services, an account is always required. Business accounts for all handsets must be set up at

Getting started with Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspot for Business

This is what you need:     

  • Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspots for Business     

  • A Goodspeed Business account     

Finish off by activating the hotspots onto the account and then distribute them to your team.      

Getting started with Goodspeed GO for Business

This is what you need:     

  • A Goodspeed Business account     

Add users to the account by sending them a team invitation. They will be able to join the company account directly from their smartphone.      

To successfully join the company account, each user will need:     

  • A Goodspeed GO starter pack     

  • The Goodspeed GO application (available in Google Play Store for compatible smartphones)     

Please note that in the initial activation each user will need an Internet connection, such as Wi-Fi or their operator’s mobile data.     

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