To use Goodspeed services, an account is always required. Depending on what handset you’re planning to use, the Traveller account can be created at or in the Goodspeed GO application if you are signing up as a new user. 

Getting started with Goodspeed 4G Hotspot for Traveller    

This is what you need:     

  • A Goodspeed 4G Hotspot for Traveller    

  • A Goodspeed account      

  • Finish off by activating the Hotspot onto the account.   

If you’d like more information about daily use, check out this article.     

Getting started with Goodspeed GO for Traveller

This is what you need:     

Please note that for the initial activation you will need an Internet connection, such as Wi-Fi or your operator’s mobile data. We recommend you to do this before travelling abroad. 

When you have everything ready: Follow the instructions on the Goodspeed GO Starter pack or watch the video below.

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